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27 March 2013

Lenggong archaeological gallery, again

Went back to Lenggong Musuem again - or I should say gallery, as that is now its new name.

New sign on the junction to the museum

However at the museum, the new signs have not been put up yet - there is still a blank white space below the roof
 the old name -

It has been 6 months since my last visit (see link above) and 8 months since I posted a general blog.

The upstairs gallery is now open. However it is not especially exciting, it is just a series of posters of Malaysian World Heritage sites and many posters on how Lenggong achieved its recognition. There are just 3 small display cabinets and a video.

There was one "politically correct" poster showing people praying for Lenggong to be inscribed as a World Heritage, and shows people of 4 religions praying - Muslims, Christians in a church, Chinese in a temple and Indians -

At least all the posters are recent and mention Bukit Bunuh at 1.83 myo (unlike the displays downstairs).

As usual the English on the posters wasn't proofread and there are mistakes.

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