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4 December 2012

Merapoh 2012 Nov, Pt 4, Bukit Katak

My second caving trip to Merapoh this November 2012.On the first afternoon, 30 Nov, we looked at Bukit Katak. This is the 'Y' shaped hill.

The first cave was Gua Salji Runtuh. It was named from the white calcite formations -

Next cave was Gua Dua H. Very few of the Merapoh caves have graffiti, but this one did -

The third cave was quite small, Gua Kaki Basah. After that was Gua Dinosaur -

Small passages and a crawl led to a passage with yellow pebbles (Habli took the next 2 photos)

We walked on round and came to Gua Bilah. This was the best find of the day.

To finish off the day we went to Gua Katak, which we had explored and was surveyed in September. However on this visit we found an extensive upper level which had been missed on the survey trip. There were some large passages and lots of nice formations, but we also had to squeeze through a hole to get to a  nice grotto.

A plant struggling to survive in total darkness

And a terrapin in the lower level

See 2nd day, Part 5.
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