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4 October 2012

Don’t cover graffiti with black paint - Lenggong

5 Sept 2012 I had a letter published in The Star about covering over graffiti in black paint.

Don’t cover graffiti with black paint

I REFER to the report “Preserving Lenggong Valley” (The Star, Sept 4) which says “the authorities have failed to barricade the area, making it easy for people to walk in and out”.

When I visited the area last week, I found that some of the sites had been taped off and there were “work in progress” signs.

I also noticed that in some caves, especially Gua Kajang, the graffiti had been covered by black paint.

I don’t know who did this or when. But it is a very bad practice to try and cover any graffiti with paint or with any other substance.

This is frowned upon by the international caving community, as it can damage the microbes on the wall, apart from the fact that it is unsightly.

If the authorities wish to do something about the graffiti, please research how to do it properly.

Do not simply use paint or mud or whatever.


Kuala Lumpur

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