sign in a cave in Laos

25 June 2012

Viking Cave, Phi Phi, Thailand

My last trip to Ko Phi Phi was in 1995 and on that visit I went to Viking Cave. Viking Cave or Tham Phaya Nak is located on Ko Phi Phi Le, an island in Krabi province in southern Thailand.

Tham Phaya Nak is only accessible by boat as it is located on a sheer rock face. Many visitors go to the cave as part of a boat tour from Ko Phi Phi. View of the cliffs near Viking Cave
The jetty at the cave
The entrance is only a few metres above the jetty. The cave itself is a typical birds nest cave. The main chamber is partly lit by daylight and is huge, more than 100 m across.

There are bamboo ladders disappearing upwards, used by the nest collectors. The celiing is more than 100 m high.

The cave takes its English name from the wall paintings of sail boats. They were likened to viking boats.
Last view of the cliffs
and the cliffs by the beach at Ko Phi Phi
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  1. Hi Liz,
    We are returning these days from a survey in Seram, there are interesting news in the west of the island. Soon we will be a report on the area that Binaja Manusela-west of Seram, Cecilia Range and Towile Boubou. There is much to try and explore! You can see some photos and news in this blog

    Andrea Benassi

    1. Hello Andrea

      Thanks for the news. That is very interesting. The river caves look great. Did you have any Indonesian cavers with you?

  2. Hey I would like to inform you that the three wall paintings at your site is definitely not Viking ships. Viking ships were long and narrow boats with only one deck and only one mast. I know because I am a Viking with not only proven Viking genes but also a great knowledge of the vikings and their ships. I wonder how you can name the cave The Viking Cave as the Vikings never went all the way to Thailand and the facts that the drawings you show on your site is with a 100% certainty NOT Viking Ships? Best regards Bjarne a thrue and proven Viking.

  3. The name Viking Cave is a historical one. I did not name the cave!