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25 March 2012

Mulu airport opening ceremony 1992

When I started going to Gunung Mulu National Park, the only way there was by boat. That was in the late 1980s and early 1990s. From Miri it was a series of 3 boats, usually overnighting in Marudi. Alternatively it was possible to fly to Marudi, and then take 2 boats to Mulu.

The travelling time has now been very reduced since the opening of Mulu airport in 1992. I happened to be in Mulu at the time and was able to go to the opening celebrations.

The first plane flew in on 29 May 1992.

Locals waiting in the new airport building. When the plane was due to arrive a welcoming group were waiting by the runway
The plane has arrived. A Twin Otter. The VIPs and photographers are waiting
Datuk Amar Dr Wong is greeted off the plane
The local ladies give small gifts (above), and Penan men (below)

The headman with long ears

At the end of my stay I was able to leave the park by plane, flying to Miri. The locals on the flight were all very excited, especially as they could see their homes from the air.

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