sign in a cave in Laos

12 October 2011

Pau dumpling factory in Perak cave

Caves have a variety of uses - they have been used as shelters, houses and temples, and as wine cellars, as places for storing cheese etc. In fact there are quite a lot of ways that caves have been used.

So I was interested to see a cave in the Ipoh area, at Gunung Rapat, which is being used as a pau factory.

Pau are steamed dumplings, commonly made by the Chinese, so I was even more interested to learn that this cave pau factory is owned by a Malay.

It is possibly the only use of a cave by a Malay in the Ipoh area.

The factory area occupies the rock shelter and is very light and airy and clean.
automatic stirrers
stirring the dough
adding the filling
feeding dough into the rollers and it comes out flat and is shaped
The place is kept nice and clean.

I was intrigued to see that a surau (Muslim prayer room) has been built inside a cave passage.
We were allowed to go in the surau. From there a passage leads up to an upper entrance.

The factory workers are local, and seem to be a very happy bunch of people. It is certainly a very pleasant place to work. They also pack chilli paste there

As the cave has not been documented before, I named it Gua Pau Al-Ain.

Gua Pau register number Prk 23/37.

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  1. I don't know the address but it is next to the Maw Yuan temple , which is next to Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village on Gunung Rapat.

  2. Dear madam,
    May I have your permission to use the photos in my FB Page?
    Thank you and appreciate your blog. I will visit this cave, if Allah wills it.

  3. Hello, why do you want the photos for your FB page? You may use some from this blog, but please credit my blog and my name.
    Thank you for asking permission.

    1. i am promoting halal food in my FB page. and I have tried this dumpling and its quite good. Thank you ma'am. I will give you credit. Thanks again.