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31 July 2011

Bukit Jawa archaeological site, Lenggong 2007

Bukit Jawa is the oldest Paleolithic site in Malaysia along with the neighbouring Temelong and Lawin areas. It has been dated at around 200,000 years old. It is located at Kampung Gelok, about 7 km north of Lenggong in Perak. It is not cave related. I visited in June 2007.

Excavation started in 1996 and yielded over 150,000 pieces of stone artifacts from 24 excavation trenches there.

Bukit Jawa is the oldest undisturbed and in situ stone age site known in Southeast Asia. This means that the Lenggong Valley is the oldest human settlement in Malaysia.

Today there is nothing to see apart from this pit.

Read more on Bukit Jawa.

I visited Bukit Jawa again in July 2012 after Lenggong had got World Heritage status.

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