sign in a cave in Laos

3 October 2009

Mun Fatt Ngam & Stairway Cave, Perak, video

New graffiti in Gua Kandu

On the second day, we did Gua Kandu first, so I could show Jeroen a 'big' cave. There is so much graffiti in this cave, especially in the lower section (the eye is new since my last visit 2 years ago).

From here we went across the road to Gunung Mesah, and I was surprised to find a new prawn fishing pond at the base of the hill. Approximately 380 steps lead up to the cave, and about 3/4 of the way up, we saw a cave entrance on our left. We had a look and surveyed this small cave, and named it Stairway Cave.

After monsoon rain, we continued onto the top of the stairs to Mun Fatt Ngam. This is an old Taoist temple, known in the 1880s and used by tin miners, then abandoned during or after the Emergency in 1969. Cave is basically one large chamber. We surveyed it.

See Mun Fatt Ngam photos.

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