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24 February 2008

Gua Cintamanis, Pahang

Gua Cinta Manis is a cave in a kampung of the same name, which means Sweet Love. It is situated near Karak, in Pahang, and the hill is easily seen from the KL - Karak highway.

The entrance is half way up the hill and reached by an overgrown path and steps.

Sadly someone has put a net right across the entrance and many bats and also some birds have got trapped in the net and died a slow and painful death. I don't know why the net is there, as I don't think people eat dead bats unless they are freshly dead. The cave has a reasonable colony of bats. There is also a lot of guano in the cave.

The cave is used as a small unofficial Hindu temple.

There is a 15 m drop in the cave which needs to be descended by ladder or rope -

The cave has few stalagmites and stalacites so is not well visited. However on one occasion we met a group of Indians in the cave who were looking for a spirit, for one man to take home with him. I wrote a piece on this.

Cintamanis mosque

Gua Cinta Manis register number Phg 05/01.
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  1. Poor bat! Did u rescue it? Or destroying the mist net? Over here in Sarawak got people set up the mist net & killed a lot of bats, so I destroyed it but failed to rescue the bars as I didn't bring knife.

  2. There were not much formations here, the way I see them. I do photography and so this one has less to offer to my eyes. Perhaps I should look closer for fuana life.

  3. It was already dead. But I did pull off its head, as I collect skulls of dead bats for ID. I've seen several caves around Malaysia with nets to trap the bats. Sometimes its to kill off the bats if the cave is used as an unofficial temple etc. I also destroy the nets. Its such a horrible way for the bats to die. But even if you find them alive in the nets, it's incredibly difficult to release them as they are totally wrapped up in the fine strands. Probably better to humanely kill the bat if you can.

  4. Any chances did you take video inside of the cave.

  5. Hi sir.Im malaysian.and I'm tamil girl.i want to know about this temple.1 day I want to visit to the temple lonely.what u think about my decision?is there any mystery?I got heared that people who visit to the temple never come back from the that true?

    1. There is no mystery about this cave. It is perfectly safe to visit, although as with any cave, for safety reasons you should never visit alone.