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21 October 2011

Wang Mengkuang cave tin mine, Perlis

Wang Mengkuang 2 is a natural cave that has been mined for tin. It is in Tasik Meranti area, north of Kaki Bukit in Perlis. I visited the cave with some cavers from UK in 2010. It is about 407 m long.

The horizontal passage has a clear stream running out

In some areas the narrow passage has been widened

There are a few bats

Some of the old pipes are heavily calcited.
There are still pegs in the walls and light bulbs left by the miners

The cave now ends in a sump, here is Tony looking into it

Wang Mengkuang 2 register number Prs 85/02.

See more on a nearby cave Tasik Meranti Road Shaft.

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