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29 October 2011

Crystal theft from caves

Crystal theft from Malaysian caves is getting common. It is also a problem in other southeastern countries such as Philippines and also China. See more on my caves site.

Stals are also being removed in Malaysia, but I think on a far smaller scale compared to crystals. I think the rampant removal of crystals is due to the number of crytal shops opening everywhere. Although they sell highly expensive imported crystals, they also sell calcite, and may even pretend that the calcite crystals are something else, i.e. more valuable.

Crystals from a quarry
Crystals on sale at Kong Fook Ngam temple, near Ipoh

The worst places for crystal removal are caves in Kedah and Perlis. There have been a few TV documentaries which seem to show this in a good light as it provides income for the villagers and attracts tourists.

Stals on display at Sunway Lagoon

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