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22 October 2011

Tasik Meranti Road Shaft, Perlis

In July 2010 I joined some British cavers from South Wales on a caving expedition to Perlis. The objective was to look for new caves and to survey them, and explore known ones that hadn't been mapped, and for one member to dive resurgences.

We stayed in Perlis State Park.

We found some new caves, and visited some I have already been to. We surveyed the caves

roots growing thru rock
old Landie

Well laden for exploring a new cave at Tasik Meranti
and getting ready. The entrance is right by the road. We needed to use SRT as there was a pitch in the cave
and inside
another vertical section

We called this cave Tasik Meranti Road Shaft.

Tasik Meranti Road Shaft register number Prs 85/03.

See more on Wang Mengkuang .

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