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26 October 2011

Caving talk on radio BFM 89.9

I was invited as a guest to be on the Evening Edition of BFM 89.9 radio, to talk about caves. I did it on 25 Oct 2011.

Part of the email said

Dear Liz,

I am the producer of the Evening Edition on BFM 89.9, and I'm interested to do a show on caving in Malaysia. Would love for you to participate in the show as a guest!

The show will be hosted by Caroline Oh, and Ezra Zaid or Umapagan Ampikaipakan. The format of this particular segment is an easy-going and informative discussion between the guests and the hosts. We normally have 2 guests as it adds a different perspective or insight to the discussions, would you be able to suggest an additional guest, besides yourself, who would be able to talk about caves and caving in Malaysia. It could be someone who organizes caving expeditions or someone who is able to talk about the uniqueness or nature aspects of caves here in Malaysia.

I couldn't find another caver to join me, so did it solo.

I've only been on live radio once before, and that was decades ago in England when I was talking about my book Bath Freestone Workings.

It was all very casual and quite enjoyable. The Evening Edition is on from 6.30-7.30 pm but there are about 3 music breaks plus the news.

I looked at the BFM www after and saw one comment :

shazrin: I guess Durians & Petais are important for mankind :) @BFMradio
About an hour ago.

The podcast of the show.

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