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3 December 2011

Hanuman statue, Batu Caves

The main deity at Batu Caves is Lord Murugan.

One of the ground level caves, Ramayana Cave, celebrates Lord Rama.
Ramayana Cave is on the extreme left of the temple complex, close to the entrance to the train station. It is known to cavers as Lower Ganesh Cave and connects to Upper Ganesh and is part of the Ganesh Cave system.

Outside the cave is a 15 m tall statue of Hanuman, the noble monkey devotee and aide of Lord Rama. The statue stands at the back of a small temple.

The statue of Hanuman in March 2004

On a visit in June 2010 I saw the statue had been painted green.

Aug 2010, the temple

In Nov 2011 I found there is a new temple behind Hanuman and before the cave.
It was consecrated on 27 Nov

Temple pillar

Over the following years the Ramayana Cave has been open and closed. In Nov 2011 it looked closed again.

Ramayana Cave register number Sgr 01/09.

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  1. were this statue from.. please let me know the dtails.. try to provide hanuman chalisa tooo.. awesome look... Glad to see some unique pics..

  2. The statue is at Batu Caves, which is outside Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Thaipusam is celebrated annually at Batu Caves.
    The statue was probably made by craftsmen from India.

  3. thanks admin for ur info....