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4 December 2011

Dusky leaf monkeys at Batu Caves

Everyone who has visited Batu Caves in Malaysia knows about the long tailed macaques. These opportunist monkeys are always around, hoping to be fed by visitors. If not fed, they will probably snatch offerings from devotees, or snatch items from visitors in the hope it is edible.

A much nicer and less aggressive species of monkey lives on Batu Caves hill, but is not often seen. This is the dusky leaf monkey, also known as the spectacled langur, or spectacled leaf monkey. This primate is in the genus Trachypithecus .

These langurs are often called leaf monkeys as leaves form the bulk of their diet.

I don't often see it at Batu Caves. It is found in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, in a wide range of habitats. It is called lutut in Thailand.

This photo was taken in the Penang botanic gardens

The monkey is name 'spectacled' due to the bold white uninterrupted rings around the eyes. It also has a white patch over the mouth, which sometimes appears like a horizontal bar or moustache.
Also in Penang gardens

This photo is from Batu Caves in 2002

And in Nov 2011 I saw a small troop of monkeys above the shop at the entrance of Cathedral Cave

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