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14 September 2011

Offering alcohol to cave temple deities in Malaysia

In many cave temples in Malaysia, I often see statues of deities that have offerings of beer and alcohol. Guinness seems to be the preferred offering, but other beers and hard spirits are also given.
These pictures were all taken in Loong Tow Ngam temple at Gunung Lang, near Ipoh in Perak.

This was taken in Nam Loong Ngam at Gunung Layang Layang.

In the neighbouring Tun Wah, this god likes Guinness

Another Guinness deity, at Gunung Ginting, in Lien Hua Gong.

This deity has bottles of brandy. This temple is near Kek Look Tong at Gunung Rapat. I've been told that this (brandy) deity is the "hell spirit" He will accompany those who pass away to the journey of hell according to traditional chinese believers.

According to my friend Hong, "Offerings of spirits and Guiness (Or Gau in Hokkien) is testimonial to the breath of Chinese culture and its magnanimous accommodation of diversity. On the altar, the bottles of brandy is one level below Buddha and at the same level with a Daoist deity and buddhist lo han. It seems a perfect reflection of the Chinese culture: a mutation of Buddhism, Daoism and Confucionism."

This statue is in a (noncave) temple at Sungai Siput in Perak
He has Guinness, Carlsberg and wine!

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