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14 September 2011

Battambang caves 10 - Kpg Poi lake area Pt 2

The next day we returned to Kpg Poi area. See the previous post.
Onto the wat, the 2 monks were our guides. It was very hot and sweaty walking to the monk cave. From there we cut across the hill. The first cave, La Ang Kachu, was in a closed depression, the walls were about 10m but an easy climb of about 4m took us to the bottom.
The cave has a concrete framed door and is only about 10m long. Going back up the climb, the monk hitched up his robes just as I was taking a photo!

We walked up the hill to the next cave, La Ang Konkromom, another climbable shaft. The 3rd cave La Ang Chiray was a large pothole with a large tree in it.
A man joined us and went down the tree into the cave, followed by one monk. Us cavers decided it was all too dangerous! The men came up a side wall using a thin pole. At the top the man lost one flip-flop down the hole, so he had to go back down the tree and up the pole again.

4th cave Prokui, was a small diameter 17m shaft (the monk said 30m). We walked past a couple of mounds of “glass stone”, i.e. calcite.

We passed more shafts before giving up for the day.

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