sign in a cave in Laos

15 September 2011

Fauna in caves in Cambodia

This is some of the fauna I saw in caves in the Battambang province of Cambodia during the 2008 trip. All the caves were dry, and some were quite short with daylight penetrating.

It was interesting to see the cave fauna, most of which is very similar to that in Malaysia.
Crickets - brown and mottled

These millipedes seem to be having a feeding frenzy

The whip spiders seemed larger than those found in Malaysia.

We found a few bat caves,

Free tailed or wrinkle-lipped bat, Tadarida spp. family Molossidae, (thanks to Julia Altmann of Senckenberg-Museum for ID)

These snails may not be true cave dwellers

This kukri snake is an accidental visitor......... and the dog came caving with us!

© Liz Price
No reproduction without permission

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