sign in a cave in Laos

23 August 2007

Laos 2007 caving - Vieng Xai, Vieng Thong

Some photos taken during our caving expedition in the NE of Laos, at Vieng Xai and Vieng Thong. See more photos on Vieng Xai Hidden City caves.

Vieng Xai
Hmong kitchen
typical cave lunch
shrapnel marks


 Vieng Xai Hospital Cave
We were being watched -

Vieng Thong

washing the lettuce and bike
ViengThong Wild Cow Cave

 villagers watching us
ViengThong dentist

 doing the data
Phou Khoun

 exit to Water In Cave

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  1. Ha, no vampire bats in Asia. This is just a small insect eating bat. What you can see are the noseleaves, not the mouth.