sign in a cave in Laos

23 August 2007

Gua Angin, Gunung Lanno, Perak

Gua Angin is one of many caves on Gunung Lanno, south of Ipoh, in Perak, Malaysia. It is almost 400 m long.
Looking at the entrance

A narrow ledge to climb up leads to a series of small passages

There are a few bats

whip spider

Inconsiderate people have left graffiti
shame on Maybank staff -


At a vertical rift you have to climb up, then descend about 7 m the other side
The upper part of the cave is larger.

There are some nice formations


Coming back down

Gua Angin register number Prk 18/04.
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  1. Gunung Lanno is in Kinta Valley, Perak. It's the hill which houses the famous Kwong Fook Ngan Temple