sign in a cave in Laos

23 August 2007

A selection of cave fauna

All the fauna found in caves is dependant on bats. Bats are the only animals which go out of the cave to feed, and it is their guano or droppings which support the entire food chain in the cave, from the tiniest bug right up to the snake. For more information see Caves of Malaysia .

 bird nest products

 guano mound and leech
 millipedes and racer


See more photos of cave racer.

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  1. Liz, put all your resources (knowledge) on this. It worth its weight in gold ! Or you can furnish me with all the know how. I will remember you when I strike it rich.

  2. Such a pity to use a nice old house like this for birds. But at least the house is preserved. I see more and more swiftlet houses now in Malaysia, even in Brickfields they've converted a building for the birds.

  3. The whole thing is - it's worth every penny. You can buy a new mansion in no time if the bird nest swiftlets start to come in.

  4. Finally mortals like me would start learning to point our fingers at thing which we like to express. Meaning there is so much that we have not seen, leave alone trying to talk about them. Thanks for showing.

  5. Life is a learning process so it is always good to share info !

  6. Hei, your layout has many photos now ?! Liz, I am serious about getting rich and utilizing the swiftlets to work as a non sallary slaves. We all work for money. If the paying is good on the swiftlets forget the doctor's sallary. That goes to you too wonderst, the bird man. Find out where the richest natural habitat and the most condusive bird house construction. I remember something like Rm 8-12 thou per kilo selling to agent. Much much more on direct export. And you don't send by air - you carry personally - just like gold - and secretly in case you be robbed. That serious my friends.

  7. I don't understand Multiply, cos I changed my theme to this skyline one, and it gives me lots of photos on each row, but when I was using the petals theme, I could only get 2 pic per row.Crazy!

    Re swiftlet, its a pretty smelly and noisy setup, but I guess its quite easy money, once you've managed to attract the right kind of swiftlet. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of converted places in Brickfields in KL, wonder if they have any permits to operate!

  8. We definately need a permit to operate. Ya, I too want to try the skyline. Well, just pok around to find the skyline.

  9. I manage to find SKYLINE and thus change over too.

  10. Hey Lightling,
    Before you get carried away, please remember all fields requires professional and expertise. It is not that straight forward to hunt down the swifts favorite hunting ground and then set up a hotel to exchange their nest for free stay. Lots goes to knowing when so and so and so on a nd so forth. For me, to late to learn new tricks.

  11. I came across many Ah Biens and Ah Lians and not knowing anything and just simply copy the next door neighbour and today they have big cars and houses, and fat bank account. They don't even know they need permits. The enforcement officers were paid off instead of a fine and than to apply for permits latter. A Chinese woman who is self-employed as seamstress in KL gave up and went back to her old abandoned Kelantan house to look after the nests.

  12. I agree with Khong to some extent, although many people do seem to go ahead and succeed. The first big hurdle is attracting the right type of swift as not all produce edible nests. Then you have to make sure the building is conducive to the swifts and that they want to stay there! And hope the human neighbours don't complain about the noise and smell.On a few occasions I've been able to track down swiftlet houses just by the noise of the tape recordings of the bird calls.