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12 October 2013

Merapoh 2013 - Gua Jebuk

We have had 2 failed attempts in the past to find Gua Jebuk, on 1 Dec 2012 and 30 Sept 2013. I knew it existed, as a friend had been to the entrance, and I knew it was located on the west side of Gunung Teluk Gunung. At first, none of the locals we spoke to knew of it. Then we heard that the headman of the orang asli village knows the cave, so on 30 Sept we went to find him, but he had gone into the forest.

We had our 3rd attempt on 1st Oct and it was a case of 3rd time lucky. We found the mystery cave. And we realized that on our earlier attempts we had been either side of it, and very close - just not close enough!

1 Oct was proving to be a successful day. Firstly we went to Gunung Rakit, but having climbed some way up an almost vertical slope we gave up as we weren't on a proper wall or cliff. And we were unable to drive around the hill. So we went over to Bukit Baja and explored 2 large caves, Gua Baja Bawah and Gua Baja Atas.

After that success we went to our regular coffee shop for a break. Whilst there a local man came in and he knew the way to Gua Jebuk. So we followed him on motorbikes and he led us straight there.

sawit seedling struggling to survive

Juki pointing at a snake skin

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