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18 June 2012

Muzium Negara Early History - burials

The National Museum of Malaysia, Muzium Negara, in Kuala Lumpur, has renovated since my last visit. There are 4 galleries and the first one is of interest to me as it is the Early History one.

This gallery covers 3 eras - the Permian, the Prehistoric and the Proto Historic.

The Permian era explains scientific theories on the development of the earth and environment that contribute to the development of human culture.

The Prehistoric era explains the development of human culture from the Paleolithic, Hoabinhian/Epi-Palaeolithic, and Neolithic era up to the Metal Age.

The Proto Historic era include Hindu/Buddhist beliefs.


There is quite a feature on cave burials.

There are various skulls shown, the first one is from Gua Cha, and the second one is Homo sapiens from Gua Niah

There are several large display cases containing adult skeletons. The temperature and humidity is controlled. But it was difficult to take photos.

This picture shows a skeleton buried with knees drawn up near the chest.

Gua Cha skeleton

There is a nice replica of a cave showing people and cave drawings. At the front of the cave is the skeleton of an infant which was found in Gua Cha in Kalantan.

Some communities especially in Sabah and Sarawak practiced jar burials. Bones and ash were placed in jars which were then put on the floor of caves.

See next albums on museum displays of Perak Man, and stone tools and cave paintings.

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