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8 June 2012

Fairy Cave, Bau, Sarawak

Fairy Cave is a show cave located at Bau, near Kuching, in Sarawak, Malaysia. Wind Cave is also in the area.
On my last visit in 2007 I was surprised to see a well built solid enclosed staircase leading up to the entrance. On previous visits there was just a set of stone steps going up the hill :

The new staircase

The actual cave is very large, however the entrance passage is quite small

but soon pops out into the main chamber

The statue of the Fairy, from which the cave gets its name

There are offerings

At the top of the main chamber steps lead up to a back entrance.

View looking towards the main entrance -


There are monophyllaea and ferns growing

Looking back into the cave

On this trip I was with some bat researchers from Unimas. This is Raymond holding a bat detector

Going back down, this photo shows the sturdy structure of the staircase. It looks built to last!!!

See Wind Cave

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