sign in a cave in Laos

22 September 2018

Visiting Lenggong caves - update 2018

In 2015 I found most of the archaeological caves were fenced off. Apparently you had to get the key from the museum. Gua Kajang -

Needless to say visitors have been complaining about this lack of access, especially as the caves are part of the World Heritage Site.

In 2016 the BBC travel website featured an article by Marco Ferrarese who managed to get permission to visit by emailing the Lenggong gallery's director.

The latest access requirements, 2018, are that one has to submit a letter to the Department Director, stating the number of visitors and preferred date.

The Department of Heritage, at Kota Tampan, says they are "in phase one of construction and maintenance. The archaeological sites are being repaired to reach world-class standards."

However due to financial reasons, only some sites are being chosen for repair.


  1. Hi Liz. Did you ever get into the Lenggong caves? I have recently and can tell you how if you want to know

  2. Hi Mike, I've been to the caves a few times, though not recently. If you want to give details here for other people, that is OK. For some reason I'm having trouble logging in so am posting as Anonymous! Liz