sign in a cave in Laos

29 October 2016

Cave snakes grabbing bats video

The cave racer catches its prey as it flies by. Racers have been observed to hang over ledges and catch bats flying by. I have seen them climbing cave walls with ease.

The cave racer in Malaysia, Orthriophis taeniurus, is commonly known as a rat snake. Rat snakes are found in many countries. In Oct 2016 National Geographic published a 2 minute video of yellow-red rat snakes (Pseudelaphe flavirufa) catching bats in a cave near the town of Kantemó in southern Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. See the article and video here.

Watch Snakes Grab Cave Bats From Mid-air
The mysterious Kantemó Bat Cave, or Cave of the Hanging Serpents, is home to unique (and rather creepy) wildlife.

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