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17 July 2015

Rubbish dump at Gunung Lanno, Perak

I had a letter published in Ipoh Echo, No 216, 16-31 July 2015, about the rubbish dump at Gunung Lanno, in Perak, Malaysia.

Rubbish Dump At Gunung Lanno

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The article on waste management in the last issue of Ipoh Echo, 215, mentioned 1629 illegal dumpsites. I wonder if the rubbish dump at Gunung Lanno is a legal one. I first noticed it last year, when I saw a lot of egrets flying around and resting in the trees. I went to look at the birds and realised they were all flocking around the site of a huge rubbish dump. It is located in a secluded valley of Gunung Lanno. I can remember when that valley was in its pristine natural state. It was a beautiful place. Although no caves are known inside the valley, so are some in the surrounding area.
I went back again this year and the dump was still in operation with lorries going in and out. There is no signboard outside so I don’t know if it is an authorised site.
Liz Price

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