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11 June 2014

More lime kilns in Perak, Malaysia

In 2012 I blogged about lime kilns near Bercham in Perak. Apparently they are no longer working, the place was closed down some time in 2013.

In May 2014 I was able to visit some abandoned lime kilns near Gopeng, south of Ipoh, in Perak. They are at Gunung Panjang. On the other side of the hill is an active quarry and lime kilns (RCI lime).

I was unable to find any history of these forgotten kilns. The area is quite overgrown now.

Some of the number plaques above the door can still be read

One or two of the kilns have trees growing inside -

 and there are big tree roots climbing up the limestone cliff

The brickwork of the kilns still seems to be in good condition

We wanted to get up to the top so forced our way through undergrowth and creepers. Having reached the top, we later found the old concrete road that would have been used by the lorries.

Looking down into the kiln from the top

Nice aroid

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