sign in a cave in Laos

1 July 2013

No entry signs to cave areas

In the last few months I have been seeing new signs restricting entry to cave areas and certain limestone hills.

In the UK law, "Trespass is the act of illegally entering another person's property. In the United Kingdom all land has an owner and if an individual enters that land without the owner's permission, she is trespassing, unless there is public right of way such as paths or highways which allow the public a legal right of passage.  

Regarding the notices being put up in Malaysia, with those on State land, I don't know how the law works.

This sign in Merapoh has been put up by the plantation company

The following were taken in Perak. The first one is at Gunung Lanno

These are at Gunung Kanthan. The signs are put up on state land by the quarry company who have the licence to quarry the hill. I don't know how much land around the hill is included in this licence.
This first sign has been put up quite far from the hill -

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