sign in a cave in Laos

26 February 2013

Wild boar skeleton in Merapoh cave

When caving in Merapoh in early Feb, we found a porcupine skull in a cave. Two weeks later we found a wild boar skeleton. It was in Gua Tekong Terowong, a tunnel of about 30 m that goes through the hill.

The wild boar or pig, Sus scrofa is a common animal in Malaysia and we often see its footprints around cave entrances as well as muddy areas where the pigs have been digging.

These are the bones "neatly" arranged by someone!

This is the lower jaw -
There should be 11 teeth on each side


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Update -
When I visited the cave in July 2013 I found that all the bones had gone.


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  1. The last lobe of the last molar (3rd molar) of the pig had not fully exposed, it's therefore a non-adult. With the lower canines well preserved it's possible to determine if it is scrofa or the Bearded Pig, which had been recorded before in the Taman Negara area quite a long time ago. Cheers, Ah Tshen.