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4 October 2012

Lenggong museum now a gallery

I had a letter published in The Star on 4 October 2012, re Lenggong Museum now being called a gallery. I have already blogged this.

Thursday October 4, 2012
Lenggong Museum is now a gallery

THE Lenggong archaeological museum, Muzium Arkeologi, has changed its name to Galeri Arkeologi.

In other words, it is no longer a museum, but a gallery.

This is probably because Jabatan Warisan Negara took over Muzium Lenggong from Jabatan Muzium Malaysia on Aug 7.

Since this take over, all the road signs and signs at the museum are being replaced, with the word museum changed to gallery.

However, I wonder if anyone has bothered to check the meaning of the word gallery.

It has two meanings, one related to content, and the other related to structure.

A gallery is a room or building for the display or sale of works of art, or for the exhibition of artistic work.

Alternatively a gallery can mean a long room or passage forming a portico or colonnade.

Whereas a museum is a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

It seems to me that gallery is an inappropriate word for the Lenggong archaeological artifacts. It may even suggest that the exhibits are for sale!


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