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8 August 2012

Mulu's pinnacles on Malaysian banknotes

On 8th November 2000 Malaysia introduced a new RM1 (one Ringgit) currency note - this is the lowest value of the paper money. On the back is a 'collage' of illustrations including a Malaysian kite, the beach, Mount Kinabalu and the pinnacles of Gunung Api in Mulu National Park.

The pinnacles are rather small unfortunately, located at the top right.
and a close up of the pinnacles

Bank Negara Malaysia issued a new series of banknotes on 16 July 2012. Themed 'Distinctively Malaysia', the latest banknotes series draws its inspiration from the country's diverse culture, heritage and nature. The highest value note, RM100, features the pinnacles at Gunung Api, Mulu. They are next to Gunung Kinabalu in Sabah, and actually look as big as the Kinabalu mountain! Both these are World Heritage sites.
and a close up

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