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5 April 2012

Geological Museum, Ipoh, Perak

The Geological Museum in Ipoh is located at the Jabatan Mineral dan Geosains Malaysia (Dept Mineral & Geoscience) on Jln Sultan Azlan Shah.

The building was opened in 1957 and was designed by Iverson.

The library is housed in one part of the building and the museum in another.
The museum used to be in a spacious room, with simple display cabinets of fossils, rocks, minerals and gemstones.

There was also an interesting collection of different cassiterite (tin ore) samples found in Malaysia as well as a diorama of tin mining in the country with explanations on the mining methods.

In 2011 the museum was extensively renovated, in time for Visit Perak Year 2012.

There is now a new entrance from the front of the building and you have to take your shoes off before entering.

The exhibition space was increased, by having smaller walk through areas and more exhibits.

The first section is on the history of the earth and geological processes
There is a tiny replica of a cave
And immediately beyond is an animated model of a dinosaur head that roars
This leads into a fossil section
There is a floor feature of the petrified wood in Arizona. After the display of rocks there are the minerals, crystals and gemstones. Specimens from all over the world are shown, rather than concentrating on local ones.
There are many full display cabinets of minerals, crystals and gemstones. I would prefer to see more emphasis on local collections.

After the uses of minerals, you walk into the tin and coal mining section.

The next displays are on mineral exploration and marine geology activities. A section on geological hazards makes out the processes such as landslides are all natural

Outside are a couple of buckets from a dredge

Admission to the museum is free. On entry to the complex you have to register at the guard house, and then show your pass and paper at the reception desk in the museum.

Official website of geological museum.

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