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19 March 2012

Pencil Rock aka The Needle of Tambun, Perak

Pencil Rock is an impressive limestone pillar. It is located by Gunung Datuk, near Tambun in Perak. Across the valley is Six Mile Tunnel.

In 2003 or earlier, Sunway City took over this whole area, and began an extensive housing project (photo 2003).

Since then the area around Pencil Rock has changed a lot. The area now comes under the Lost World of Tambun theme park and there is an entry fee.

The 40 m high Pencil Rock, now called "The Needle of Tambun" has been bolted by international climbers and is used by rock climbers.

These photos show how the area has changed over the years.

2001 view -

March 2004 -

The lake in front was being prepared for recreational boating.

By Dec 2004 the area was more developed -
the show houses -

By Jan 2006 there were more houses -

By Feb 2008 there was a nice park between the houses and the rock -
The area has been cleared right to the base of the pillar
Looking back at the houses

Google Earth image 2003

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