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23 August 2011

Battambang caves 3 - Crocodile Hill area, Phnom Krapoeu

Phnom Krapoeu is north of the main road from Battambang to Pailin, opposite Phnom Sampeu.
and as seen from main road

Wat Kantoy is a cave temple at Roung Kantoy Krapoeu, also known as Crocodile Cave

After surveying that cave, we drove back to a rice mill, and a local led us up the hill to Laang Khla, Tiger Cave. This is very short and we didn't descend a drop. There were nice views over the plains and across to Sampeu.

On another day we went to Phnom Truang Muang (Taroung Moan). This hill is east of Phnom Krapoeu and is known as Chicken Hill. There is a wat,
There is a cave by the footpath at the back of the wat. A fixed metal ladder leads down into the cave,

where I spotted a Striped Kukri Snake (kait meas)
The cave is quite short and has Buddha statues.
I think this is a cannonball tree

Walking down the hill we looked at a small 6m shaft entrance covered with netting. Apparently 3 people died in here, maybe from CO2.

On another day we went to the Vipassana Centre on Phnom Trung Tee, opposite Sampeu. It is a small hill. We were shown a 37m long cave which had been artificially opened, probably for the calcite crystals.

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