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27 February 2010

Enlightened Heart Buddhist temple pagoda

Enlightened Heart Buddhist temple

This is the temple with the large multicoloured pagoda, and is situated next to the Jingang Jing She temple, near Ampang Baru, outside Ipoh. It is not a cave temple, but I am including it here as the neighbouring Jingang temple is.

fruit trees
mining pond
Car park
As you enter the Buddhist temple, there is a set of Hindu statues close to the entrance.
Thai style Buddha
The entrance area leads to a large open area where a man told us it takes 15 minutes to climb the pagoda. It's about 10 storeys.
Looking at Jingang Jing She

There's a whole variety of statues, some brightly coloured, representing different forms of Buddhas and many other deities, some of which I recognised. There are the 4 guardians, each standing on a tiger, quite appropriate as I visited during Chinese New Year, year of the tiger. On the ground floor of the pagoda is a large blue Buddha dressed in a golden robe.
Nice colours
Buddha & fruit tiles

I'm not sure how to describe the pagoda - it's multicoloured, brightly coloured, bizarre construction and quite stunning. There are a series of different Buddha statues, the larger ones at the bottom. A staircase leads up to each level, and at the lower levels are platforms which are a bit like floating islands. Some of the walls are tiled, a mix of Buddhist scenes and tiles of fruit! Windows of coloured glass add to the general effect.

The pagoda looks as if it is unfinished, and has a real problem with birds. They are everywhere and of course their droppings are everywhere.

As you climb up you get good views over the surrounding countryside and also of the 24m high Amithaba Buddha statue in the next temple.

At the top is a large golden Buddha standing under a tree. It occupies about 4 storeys.
At the very top are 3 smaller Buddhas.

The outside of the pagoda is tiled and there are dozens of niches all containing statues.
Gunung Panjang

This runs the pulley

View from outside

A fascinating place!


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