sign in a cave in Laos

3 October 2009

dubious bridge near Tempurung

In March 2004 when trying to reach some caves on Gunung Gajah, south of Ipoh in Perak, we came to this old wooden bridge. My 3 pasengers chickened out and got out of the car and walked across, using the excuse that they were checking the bridge for me to drive over.

In Sept 2009 I found myself going back to the same caves. Having told my passenger about the old wooden bridge, I was surprised when we reached this "new" concrete bridge. I wondered why the ramp on the bridge was so steep, and my passenger got out to check I wouldn't ground the car. It was only when I'd driven across and reached the flat part again, that I got out to look......... and realised just how damaged the bridge is!
Wooden bridge 2004
Concrete bridge 2009 -
Bridge on Google Earth

Just across (east) of the bridge is a scenic lake, so it makes the crossing worthwhile. The lake is quite big as can be seen on the GE photo.

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  1. Malaysians love crooked bridges. I think it was designed this way...:-)

  2. I never thought of that. Wonder if the car insurance would pay up if the bridge had given way!!!